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The Community Supported Hemp Club started on 3 acres, where veteran Casey Rose began growing hemp after his time overseas in Afghanistan. Growing, harvesting, and utilizing this medicinal plant proved to be a healing salve for his extensive back injuries and recurring PTSD.

In the hard work of tending the land, Casey learned how detrimental the commercial hemp industry had become. He was driven toward sustainable and regenerative agricultural methods, with an intention to uphold family-owned farms.

Could there be a marketplace to support small-scale farmers and connect them to patients in need of excellent product? How can local hemp farms protect themselves from corporate agricultural take-over? The Community Supported Hemp Club was born.

Each month, the Club highlights an exclusive farm, including the people behind the plant. We focus on what makes their farm sustainable - and you get to experience the difference in quality. As a Club Member, you can support family-owned businesses in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and rest easy knowing the personal, beneficial impact of hemp for the planet and people.


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